The kind of computers I use define my work capabilities

The kind of computers I use to define my work and quality. First off, I use a combo of a Tablet, a Mac-book pro, and a Custom Computers.
The Windows 8.1 tablet is used for on the go photo-editing. On the tablet, I use Affinity Designer as it is a one time fee and can download it on multiple computers, so I can do some basic edits on the go and then continue with a heavy edit on my beefy computer. It is also used for media viewing, email, video calls, and also for OneNote (OneNote is a program that is like Microsoft word but it is free, and you can access it online or offline with the app)

My MacBook Pro is used as a primary mobile video editing station. The MacBook has everything I need on it, all the way from photo, video, and audio editing software. This laptop is mostly used when I am on vacation, or far from home. It is great having something portable because it allows me to have something I call content flow. Content flow means keeping your content and work performance moving so you don’t fall behind and lose money.

Then there are my Custom Desktops. It is a behemoth of parts that are imperative for any media entire level editing entrepreneur. On the desktops, I have all the same software as I do on the MacBook. I use the desktops for heavy editing, special effects, and also enhanced GPU rendering. I equip one desktop with two monitors and one with a TV to create my edit. The TV is also connected to all of my devices.
Monitor one is used for the timeline, audio tab and the bins that store all the files that I need
Monitor two is for the source tab for the files that come from the bin to insert into the timeline
And the TV is used for the source tab to view the timeline, the color spectrum, and the editing tab to move the position and or to change the effects that I use in my videos/short films.

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